Eastist was created to bring you news, interviews, guest opinions and analysis about innovation, technology and entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Europe. The main focus of this blog is on startups, where all of the above intersects in exciting ways. However, we won’t shy away from occasional coverage of policy, politics, larger businesses, or social entrepreneurship.

More than 20 years after the fall of Communism it doesn’t quite make sense to talk of “post-socialist economies in transition” or what have you — some of the entrepreneurs on here weren’t even alive when the regimes fell! Yet, this shared history creates a region — a unique, challenging, and exciting one. It would be hard to find all that much in common between Prague and Skopje, or Minsk and Ljubljana, but they get lumped together as “Eastern Europe”* and their native talent is under-reported, under-funded and simply under-appreciated. We are here to change all that.

Hopefully this introduction hasn’t traded too many stereotypes. While we might run an occasional profile of a vodka-chugging, mad-genious Russian programmer who does parkour in his free time and is hacking your bank account while you’re reading this, you are much more likely to read about Czech women in tech, Romanian VCs, or Slovenian incubators. And above all, you will uncover the incredible diversity of people, countries and ideas this “region” has to offer.

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*If you are wondering what countries exactly we intend to cover, check out the EastList where you will find the list of all our countries as well as a growing database of their start-ups.

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