#tbt: On European startups and funding with CEO of AngelList

05.29.2014, Startups, by .

Throwback Thursday? We’ll spare you childhood pics. Here’s an interview with Naval Ravikant we did 2.5 years ago I just came across. Lots has changed. For example, AngelList has shot up to fame and prominence, seriously challenging the status quo in Silicon Valley and beyond. And the idea of a startup in Central and Eastern Europe doesn’t sound crazy anymore. Yet, I found a lot of the advice doled out in the interview still relevant today and thought many of our newer readers would enjoy it, too.


Read the full original interview here.

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One Response to #tbt: On European startups and funding with CEO of AngelList

  1. Hi Ethan,I ran comehike.com (product not as great as nssrceaey for consumers) and problemio.com (product not made in a way consumers prefer to use it) so in those cases the product wow-factor wasn’t there in my opinion.Also, if I answer, its not as great as if Naval answers. :) So from the lessons I learned, its quality across the board.Also, the wow really happens when you very much help someone. So if product is good, and solves a real need, and founders are responsive, I think thats the combo for the eventual wow-factor and true fans.What do you think?


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