Help us understand women in Computer Science in Central and Eastern Europe

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Andraz Tori (@andraz), co-founder and CTO of Zemanta, did something awesome. He requested data on female and male enrollment in Computer Science the University of Ljubljana, something they’ve apparently never assembled before, and analyzed that data to see what kind of trends emerge.

The main take-away so far is that the trend is unclear, but something interesting seems to have happened in 2009 when U of L implemented the Bologna reforms. It seems that the changed curriculum and grading resulted in increased percentages of women progressing through to the second year. (From my own experience with various education systems I’d take an un-educated guess that 1-1 oral examinations were reduced and contributed to the change.) However, the data needs more mining and Tori posted it on Google docs for anyone to take a look.

It would be AMAZING to understand developments in the participation of women in computer science in other central and eastern European countries. Do you have a contact at your local computer science department/faculty/university? Can you get some data and send it to us? We will publish all data we collect, and recruit help in analyzing it. 

While we’re at it, this kind of analysis would also help us understand trends in CS enrollment in the region in general. Let’s DO THIS!

Head over to Andraz Tori’s blog for a great read and inspiration. 

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6 Responses to Help us understand women in Computer Science in Central and Eastern Europe

  1. I would be interested in your take on the oral examinations. Why do you think they would affect women differently?

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  2. 2013-02-27 at 12:26 Zuzana Fedorková

    I’ve been reading a lot about the “stereotype threat” recently. It’s the “experience of anxiety when one has the potential to confirm prevailing stereotypes about his/her group”. Among other things, it’s been hypothesized that it might affect how girls or boys do on various exams in school — for example when you ask them to indicate their gender on an exam vs when you don’t, this subconscious priming seems to affect how well they do. It would seem that 1-1 oral examinations would take this kind of a phenomenon to a new level. I’m curious if there are any studies about that specifically.

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