A geek shortage in Estonia?

04.13.2012, Estonia, News, by .

Thanks to the fantastic Estonian startup Newspin.co, I stumbled across a study about Estonian IT hiring. The study by Estonian Development Fund revealed that Estonia needs “two or three times” more IT professionals than available, especially network architects and other telecommunications specialists.

I can’t vouch for this information, since, true to the current unfortunate trend in scientific reporting, the article doesn’t provide a detailed-enough citation of this study (let alone a link). However, it raises some interesting questions:

  • Do other countries in CEE face similar problems?
  • If they don’t face these problems yet, is this a trend they should be worried about?
  • How true is the Western European perception that the East is a motherlode of plentiful and affordable engineering talent?
If you have any information or opinion on this subject, please get in touch in the comments or through email! This is a fascinating topic.
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