News roundup: Webiny, Campalyst, BusyFlow

03.30.2012, News, by .

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Startup News

Poland News (by Szymon Szymczyk, our Poland contributor)

Completely coincidently almost all of the news this week are related to, the most popular Polish social network (until it was overtaken by Facebook in 2011).

  • published information about their income. Surprisingly, despite systematically losing users (mainly because of Facebook), it saw increasing revenues. In the last 12 months revenue has increased by 15% and reached 72,16 mln złotych (17,35 mln euro) with net profit 17,3 mln złotych (4,16 mln euro). It was possible thanks to games and other paid content – their share in revenues increased from 36% in 2010 to 47% in 2011.
  • On April 2, 2012, a new incubator program will start, supported by It offers know-how, mentoring, advertisement and services (including IT infrastructure).
  • Business angel Marcin Pytel, has invested “several hundred thousand złotych” (1 euro = 4,16 złotych) in Picadilla, a social games developer. The company employs 15 people and is located in Wrocław. Its first project, the game “Shoplife”, was made available on September 2011 on and so far it was played by almost 500K players. The next step was to publish the game on Russian odnoklassniki (at the end of February 2012) where it was played by 340K players.
  • On May 25-27 another Startup Weekend event will be held in Wrocław, in a quite impressive location.

Lots of insight into Russia this week


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  1. Hi. Thanks for mentioning Webiny. We appreciate it!

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