Slovakia, Slovenia, not the same, but Piano Media is now in both

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Slovak company Piano Media (@pianosystem) announced today that it will expand its service to Slovenia. When Piano successfully launched a group paywall system for premium online content from nine different media groups in Slovakia, world media watched impressed, but not hiding curiosity about how long this experiment will last. Nine months later, the system is going strong. Piano Media won’t disclose any numbers at this point, but it claims the business is going “according to expectations”. Today’s announcement about the first country for international expansion further confirms that Piano is pulling it off so far.

Nine publishers with 12 different brands in Slovenia are participating in the launch, giving Piano more market coverage than in Slovakia. The monthly subscription will also be higher. While in Slovakia you can get access to all premium content on the Piano network for €2,90 per month, Slovenians will pay €4,89. The largest daily in Slovenia, Delo, is part of the trial.

This move into Slovenia is not completely shocking. Piano Media raised €300K in Series A funding in the fall with the specific goal of international growth. They have also been on a hiring spree, judging by the tweeting activity of Tomáš Bella (@kvasinka), the CEO. Another country is supposed to join the ranks in the first half of 2012. My bets are on the Czech Republic.

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