Startup Yard midpoint temperature check presents entrepreneurial diversity

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The Czech incubator Startup Yard held a demo day yesterday evening, presenting eight startups enrolled in the current program. The event was held as a progress check (and a practice talk for the Investor Day at the end of the program) in the 7th week of the thirteen week program. The companies presented their idea, team, and progress so far in five minute pitches.

The Startup Yard CEO Lukáš Hudeček used his opening speech to appeal for more women to participate in the next batch. I’ll gladly use this forum to amplify this message. The focus on diversity of experiences was clear elsewhere as well. The startups in the incubator could broadly be divided into three categories: technology, social and offline.  Here’s a summary for you:

  • AskYou (@askyou_cz) aims to be a social application that connects students with same interests around activities and events.
  • Brand Embassy (@Brand_Embassy) provides people and tools for major brands to help them talk to their (sometimes dissatisfied) customers in various online forums and use this opportunity to also track consumer sentiment.
  • Little Monster (@sklittlemonster) is a new brand of children’s clothing focusing on a combination of high quality and fun designs.
  • Optiscont (@Optiscont) said they are able to cut the price of prescription glasses in half through kiosks that aid with frame selection and ordering (cutting out the salesman).
  • Proactify (@Proactify) is a content recommendation engine using graph theory to help online properties personalize their visitors’ experience.
  • SimpleTest.IO (@simpletestio) is an extremely simple web-based tool that helps even non-technical online businesses create test cases that are then executed regularly and report any bugs.
  • Taeksi (@taeksi) is a smartphone app for ordering taxis.
  • Uniplicator (@Uniplicator) is a 3D printer and that’s all we know for now because the team was sick.

Good luck to all of them and we are all excited to see what comes next.


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